Ball screw
Our ball screw assembly has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life, large loading capacity, high precision, small starting torque, easy maintenance, high sensitivity, easy lubricating, etc. Now we are exporting large quantities of ball screws to Europe and North America. Customers are very satisfied with quality, delivery time, as well as competitive price.
The series include outer circulation and inner circulation. Shaft material is SCM 450m nut is SCM 415, ball is SUJ2. Precision ranges from C0-C10.
Our super-long high precision heavy-duty ball screw whose length is more than or equal to 12m and diameter is 250mm has reached internationally advanced level. The ball screw is characterized by stylish structure and reliable performance. Its accuracy reserve is 10-20%. 12m CNC thread grinder and 10m ball screw dynamic monitor are utilized to process and inspect ball screw raceway.
Ball screw has following different types:high speed ball screw, stocked ball screw series, stock ground ball screw series, ground ball screw with end machining,
Nut type codes: S single nut, D double nut, F with flange, C without flange
Please find more parameters for ball screw in our products information: lead, ball diameter, number of circuits, stiffness, basic dynamic rating load(kgf), basic static rating road(kgf).

Precision Locknuts


TDX precision locknuts can improve the assembly accuracy with better spindle flexing. They could be easily mounted and dismantled but not easy to let-off. The nuts also could prolong the working life of work pieces for cost-saving. They are widely used for precision mechanisms require a precision clamping as well as a capable and safe locking.

The variety of precision locknuts is as following:

Mechanical tool
Textile industry
Printing industry
Centrifugal machine
Onshore and offshore industry
Marine equipment
Nuclear industry
Agriculture and food industry
Construction machinery
Special machinery
Other Special locknuts

The precision locknuts are made of high quality C45 steel with black and oil-soaked surface treatment. You also can order optional material 42CrM0, 40Cr, stainless steel and so on for different purpose. Optional surface treatment such as galvanizing, nickel plating, phosphating, etc. are available for your choice.

It is very easy to mount precision nuts as following instruction:

  • Screw the nut by driving the hook spanner or plug wrench according to rated tightening torque;
  • The necessary tightening torque depend on the required preload.
  • When preloading the nut, the lock screw should be screwed by socket head wrench lightly until you feel it is blocked, then tighten up the screw in turn.
  • For lock screw tightening torque, please refer to catalog.


  • Dismantling:

    • ó┘Dismantling the nut without locking pin, only need unlocking the grub screws.
    • ó┌Dismantling the nut with locking pin, when unlocking the grub screws, the pin is not loosen to gear to the shaft screw.
    • ó█Using the rubber mallet gently tap the nuts near the locking screw, then the locking pin loose, screw off the nut.
    • ó▄Phosphor bronze locking pins cannot deform in the tensioning, so the nut can be reused for many times.

    Coupling Dimensions/Size